Metta Technological College is a project that has been developed to offer Thai students a secondary education, focussing on technical and artisanal skills. The site is located in the heart of northern Thailand, in the province of Phetchabun.

The climate in this area is hot and humid over the whole year and the temperature hardly even falls during the night. Thus, the main target of architecture is to create shadow and maximize natural ventilation. Therefore, an ideal Thai school would be a tree, under which students sit and learn in the shadow of its leaves, while the branches are gently dancing in a light, cooling breeze. We came to the conclusion that the essential part of a Thai school building is its roof, like a treetop, to shelter from both, rain – especially during the rainy season – as well as from direct sunlight. So, we suggest a structure of light roofs for the classrooms, workshops and administration buildings and connect them with pathways, whose roofs keep them well-shaded and serve as rain gutters for the main roofs.

We developed a very simple steel structure for the buildings in between the pathways, so the future students would easily be able to participate in the construction process. Those parallel pathways and main roofs can be composed in numerous variations. Courtyards complete the building-system. The pathways and the buildings beneath the roofs create an extendable system. They can vary in length and width. Thus, the system is able to grow and can be applied to many different sites all over Thailand!



Recherchereise September 2016


Modellbau Jänner 2017

site Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-15 um 14.20.40

Konzept Klima


Konzept Bau

Konzept Bauetappen

Konzept Bauetappen

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-15 um 14.21.31 Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-15 um 14.21.37 thai 16_ansicht ost


thai 16_schnitt_klasse


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